“Who We Are”
“We are an Architect and Interior designer team based in Indonesia. We like to make you feel ‘more’ on your living.”

“Residential Design”

Residential architecture, also called domestic architecture, is the design and building of residential properties. These projects include multi-unit residential buildings, single-family homes, renovations and remodels.

This kind of project also thinks about zoning, day lighting, heating, cross ventilating, air conditioning and electrical systems.

“Office Design”
An office is generally a room or other area where administrative work is done, but may also denote a position within an organization with specific duties attached to it. These projects include office building, warehouse, renovations and remodels.

This kind of project also thinks about Zoning, day lighting, heating, cross ventilating, air conditioning and electrical systems.

“Exterior & Interior Expertise”


“Sense Studio have been established since 2010, as an Architecture and Interior biro, we has been engaged in the design and bulit Architecture-Interior. and since then we have been dealing with a lot of projects in East Java and accross Indonesia. Our specialty are residential, office, restaurant, shops, boutiques, hotels, cafe etc.”

“Full compact service”

“One Stop Design“

We are consists of a variety of team support that works as one team in handling various projects to be completed. Our team includes a team of architect, interior designer team, creative art team, exterior and interior contractor. we are committed to bring your dreams into reality. On working for each project, we embed the value that came from our life philosophy in every little thing that we do, the philosophy is:
“Success is when our customer achieve their goals…””

“Reasonable Price”

“we always offer the best price for the best quality that we offer to each of our client.”

“Free Consultation”
“We are happy to share and provide design solutions for each of our clients who require the best advice for the construction of their houses, shops, offices, hotels, cafes etc.”

“Guaranteed Works”
“We offer 1 year warranty for every product that we produce.”

“24 / 7 Support”
“We provide full service to our customers”

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